Tufekci and McNamee Response

“YouTube, the Great Radicalizer” 

In this article Tufekci claims that Youtube’s suggested video algorithm tend to suggest extreme videos related to what people are watching. Tufekci uses an example of him searching videos about jogging as evidence. He explains that after watching these videos, YouTube then suggested videos of running ultra-marathons. Tufekci also uses ethos within this article. He does this by talking about a former employee of Youtube and the experiences he had working for them. This expert appeal is a great strategy that appeals to the audience.

“I Invested Early in Google and Facebook. Now They Terrify Me ”

This article is written by Rodger McNamee and he claims that sites like Google and Facebook are addictive. As evidence, McNamee says that these, “produce short-term happiness with serious negative consequences in the long term.” He also compares these websites to drugs like nicotine and heroin which is an example of pathos. McNamee demonstrates his position to his audience by influencing the reader’s emotion and comparing things on the internet to addictive drugs. 


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