Homework for 10/16

Golumbia’s article is extremely interesting for many reasons, but one stands out to me. The passage about System 1 and System 2 thinking and how it connects to social media really captured my attention. Social media is built on System 1, which means it causes people to think fast and make quick decisions and assumptions about what they are seeing. This changes the vibe of social media and explains why it can be a bad thing. Also, since before Golumbia talks about System 2, he calls it “good old fashioned,” which is an example of the diction he uses to persuade his audience that social media activates the wrong kind of thinking.

An obvious example of a rhetorical strategy that McNamee uses come on page 4. By stating that social media is “hacking our brain”, he is using strong diction as well as pathos to influence his audience that social media in bad. The word hacking has an negative connotation and when it is related to something as important as the brain, it is a very effective strategy.


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