Homework: 11/6

Central Argument: Boyd argues that both digital natives and digital immigrants need to understand social media conduct and how technology works in order to keep up with our changing society.

Claims: “Becoming literate in a networked age requires hard work, regardless of age.” Boyd claims that not everyone can become tech savvy overnight and that learning technological skills takes time and practice. He backs up this claim with a rebuttal from an outside source about talks about how the youth are born more digitally literate than adults.

Boyd claims that internet search engines heavily influence what we see online. Google does this by basing your search on your past search history. This eventually creates a loop of the same type of information. She backs this up with examples about how Google works and why certain websites always come up.

Outside Source: 

I think “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn would be interesting. This is based on my liking for history and I think that American History in particular is too focused on our success as a country instead of our struggles.


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