Homework 9/25

     Thompson writes extremely persuasively in his article “Public Thinking.” There are many aspects of his composition that prove to be effective rhetorically, but a few stand out. One example of this is Thompson’s explanation of how writing helps clarify thinking. He claims that writing can turn vague thoughts into clear and concise ideas. According to Thompson, “writers often find that it’s only when they start writing that they figure out what they want to say” (Thompson 51). Thompson means that writing transforms ideas in someone’s head into words which helps the person then develop and organize their thoughts. This claim and evidence fits perfectly into Thompson’s overall argument that writing has multiple cognitive benefits. He explains his claim very calmly to the audience and doesn’t take an aggressive stance. This is beneficial to his argument because it is not about a serious topic, it is about writing. Taking an aggressive position might cause readers to think Thompson is too serious about the subject and hence question is credibility. Thompson also assumes that the audience knows about the platforms of social media he writes about. Facebook, WordPress and others are used in “Public Thinking” to show just how much the young generation writes (Thompson 47). If the audience doesn’t know what these things are, then there is no way they can understand some of Thompson’s essential claims. By assuming this, Thompson’s intended audience turns to younger people specifically the few generations that use social media. This strengthens his argument by aiming it directly at a specific age group. Thompson can then use particular rhetorical strategies that will help his young readers agree with the claims he is making. “Public Thinking” includes great rhetorical strategies and Thompson explains his argument very well.

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