Kristof, “Do We Have the Courage to Stop This?”

     In Kristof’s article “Do We Have the Courage to Stop This?” he uses rebuttals to demonstrate his knowledge of gun violence and to show why his stance on the issue is the right one. In paragraph 8, Kristof writes about when he received a gun for his 12th birthday and then continues to say “I understand: shooting is fun!” This is Kristof’s way of relating to the pro-gun readers and explaining to them that he knows what shooting a gun is like. Kristof is putting himself in the shoes of pro-gun advocates and relating to them while also trying to change their minds. Kristof also talks about how it is impossible to eliminate all gun deaths in paragraph 9. This seems like it would be the claim of someone writing about looser gun regulations. However, Kristof then turns this claim into a fact about how eliminating just one third of the gun deaths will save tens of thousands of lives. Kristof twists his rebuttal to show that lives will be saved by implementing tougher gun regulations. Rebuttals are often used when talking about highly controversial subjects and Kristof delivered his rebuttals fairly well.

Rifkin, “A Change of Heart about Animals.”

     In Rifkin’s article about animal cruelty, he writes about how animals are a lot more like humans than we may think. He writes a very persuasive piece, but it was lacking strong rebuttals. The only examples of an attempt to rebuttal comes from a common belief of people, not a counter argument. Rikfin talks about how people believe animals have no sense of morality or individualism. These examples are both a sentence long and don’t provide anymore explanation as to why people feel this way. If Rifkin would have taken a paragraph out to explain why others think animals are just for food, this could have been extremely effective. Animal cruelty is such a controversial topic, it would have been nice to understand the other point of view.

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