Thompson Response

Thompson’s passage titled “Public Thinking” is extremely eye opening. He writes about how much technology has affected writing and he also dives into the importance of writing. The passage contains multiple different stories that all have to do with how writing has affected peoples lives. I connect with two of these stories from the passage. The first one is about the sheer volume of writing that goes into the internet. I had no idea how much people write online and how effective the internet has been as a writing platform. The other story that interested me was the one about Thompson’s mother. She is an old lady who never writes anything other than a few letters a year. At first I related to the mother because it reminded me of myself during the summer. This story then developed into the one about how much is written online and I realized that I write a lot more than I think I do. Between texting, snapchat, and instagram, I probably write at least 500 words a day. This astonishes me because I’ve always had the mindset of despising reading. However, I realize now that if I write about something that interests me, it is super easy to do.

One of Thompson’s main claims is that you need a large audience to make money writing. According to Thompson, “If you’re writing specifically to make money, you need a large audience. An audience of ten is meaningless”(Thompson 57). Thompson uses this quote to then explain why people think they are failing writers. He goes on to say that just because you are not making money writing means that you are a failing writer. Writing is for a lot more than just making money and Thompson makes this very clear in his passage.

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