Homework 11/13

I will be following the original prompt as my path.

I plan on using two outside sources to extend Boyd’s claim that the digital divide is caused by the different amount of meaningful access people have to the internet.


Click to access Digital%20Divide-%20Impact%20of%20Access.pdf



A main connection to both my sources is that only having physical access to a computer or high-level technology is not enough to bridge the digital divide we see today in society. The access to technology must be meaningful and how that access is being used plays more of a factor just just being online. Although using technology frequently is a way to improve technological skills, using technology effectively and for a purpose is a way to become digitally literate. This is explained in “Digital Divide: Impact of Access 1” when author JAN A. G. M. VAN DIJK says, “Van Dijk (2005) used the term deepening divide to emphasize that the problem of digital inequality does not end after physical access has been attained but actually starts when the use of digital media is incorporated into daily life” (Van Dijk 2). It is also talked about in “Digital Divide and Social Media: Connectivity Doesn’t End the Digital Divide, Skills Do” by Danica Radovanovic. She states, “it (digital inequality) doesn’t have to do so much with hardware and internet access as much as with the way those are used” (Radovanovic). Both sources further extend Boyd’s claim that use of the internet must be meaningful in order for it to be used a connection to close to digital literacy gap. They do this by taking Boyd’s claim which is generally about “digital natives” and expanding it to all people. This puts the argument into a broader scope making it seem more urgent now that it affects all people, not just the teenagers who grew up with technology. It also makes the argument more effective by placing the blame for the digital divide on the users of the technology and not the technology itself. By doing this, it creates the impression to the audience that humans created this social gap and now must fix it. These sources both helped expand an already strong claim from Boyd and shows just how big of a problem the digital divide has become.




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